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How Wheelhouse Works

Unlocking Digital Distribution

Wheelhouse is the InsurTech product that solves the time-consuming process of selling and servicing small business policies by unlocking digital distribution for both agents and carriers. Our partnerships with top-rated carriers provide agents with direct access to bindable quotes, reducing the process from days to minutes.

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Save Time, Money, and Effort

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    The Next Generation of Comparative Rater

    Unlike other products on the market, Wheelhouse integrates directly with our carrier partners’ underwriting platforms providing bindable insurance quotes (not rates) in minutes. It helps agents manage requests and grow their business.

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    Easy Set-up

    Our turn-key solution transforms any agent into a digital agency with zero technical knowledge required. Our team of engineers creates a custom URL for the agent or agency. It can be used in all their digital touchpoints.

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    100% Commission and Book Belongs to the Agent

    We don’t collect a commission or take any of the leads. We believe that agents should keep their commissions. We charge a small set-up fee and a monthly licensing fee. That’s it. No strings attached. Seriously.

Frictionless User Experience

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    Simple Application, Instant Quotes

    Wheelhouse makes writing small business policies profitable through our simple application (mapped directly to carriers) and providing bindable quotes in minutes, all in a self-serve platform business owners will love.

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    Available 24/7

    When instant is the expectation, Wheelhouse is the solution. Partnering with Talage to power your digital distribution means giving business owners access to the bindable insurance quotes they need at a time they want.

Custom Branding

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    Fits With The Agent’s Process

    Regardless of how long an agent has been in business, they have a process that works for them. Wheelhouse is designed to amplify the agent and their ability to reach more businesses, helping them to grow and manage their business more efficiently.

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    Client Confidence

    Wheelhouse has the flexibility to serve as a branded and targeted landing page to provide bindable quotes or to function as a website. Our tool gives clients the confidence and ease to do business with agents digitally.

Marketing Made Easy

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    Use the Link on Any Digital Platform

    Wheelhouse amplifies an agent’s reach to land more business effectively and efficiently. The custom link can be used anywhere an agent has a digital presence - on a website, on social media, in email campaigns, or in ads.

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    Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

    Using the agent portal, agents have the ability to create specific landing pages (in a matter of minutes) for any targeted campaign they want to run. Market to any industry, geography, demographic, or highlight partnerships.

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    Agent Playbook

    Agents are busy and learning a new tool can be a daunting task. That’s why we created our agent playbook. To make marketing easier for agents, we show them how to use the Wheelhouse tool, as well as provides ideas for campaigns.

Enhanced Carrier Distribution

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    Build Small Business Book

    Wheelhouse makes small business profitable by partnering with carriers to distribute our tool to their agents. By providing Wheelhouse to their agents, carriers can reach more small businesses through each agent’s digital channels.

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    One API Integration

    One API integration with us enables thousands of agents and their digital touchpoints to reach more business owners than ever before. This means more revenue for both the agent and the carrier, without sacrificing client satisfaction.

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    Strengthens Agency Base

    Partnering with Talage improves a carrier’s agency base by making it easier to write small business policies. Carriers providing this tool to their agents bring added value and an increased affinity to both agents and clients.