Simple Solutions For A Complex Industry

The Wholesale Brokers Digital Toolkit for Improving Efficiency

Our technology is revolutionizing the way commercial insurance submissions are handled across the board. We’re making it easy for brokers, agents, and underwriters to work together more efficiently and grow their business. Join the movement and let our innovative platform help you sell insurance with quick, instant quotes, and easy digital adoption.

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    Distribute Commercial Products Digitally

    Our submission management platform is the software solution Wholesalers need for digital distribution. Wheelhouse grants exclusive access through your private network for retail agents and underwriters to differentiate and distribute your commercial products online, all from a centralized and branded hub.

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    Grow Your Business Efficiently

    Talage helps Wholesalers increase submission efficiencies, reduce overhead and grow their business by providing instant results to the retail agency while empowering their underwriters. The Wheelhouse aggregated API strategy creates a deep integration with multiple carrier partners, dramatically reducing the current workflow process required to quote and bind commercial insurance.

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    Transition to Digital Simply

    Talage equips Wholesale brokers for digital transformation by providing a speedy implementation and an easy-to-use and modern interface. Wheelhouse doesn't disrupt your current commission and contingency structure and relationships. Instead, we make your current processes better and digitize your operations fast and simple.

Frictionless User Experience

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    Single-Entry Submission Point

    Wheelhouse solves the time-consuming and redundant processes with our single-entry submission process. Quotes can be started from within the portal or via a website landing page. Our team has meticulously mapped our carriers underwriting systems to the questions they need answers to - creating a fluid and easy application process.

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    24/7 Automated Underwriting Assistance

    Wheelhouse emphasizes efficiency for your brokerage. We want to help reduce or eliminate time-consuming, inefficient, and redundant processes. Our submission management platform helps you reduce overhead and be more profitable.

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Custom Solutions

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It Starts with an API

The Talage Submission Management Platform is connected to 30+ API-driven carrier integrations that have made Talage a robust, industry-wide solution. Finally, a customized platform, built with you, with experts to help you deliver digital quotes all within your own, branded user experience.

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Build With Confidence

If you are a Wholesaler, Program Administrator, or an MGA looking for customized solutions, please click the button below to schedule a call with one of our specialized team members.