Simple Solutions For A Complex Industry

The Wholesale Brokers Digital Toolkit for Improving Efficiency

Commercial wholesale insurance brokers face a variety of challenges, from multiple carrier entries to the demand of retail agents looking for quicker turnaround times. Talage’s API-driven software instantly delivers your agent’s core underwriting questions, premiums, and bindable proposals. We are the solution for brokers looking to focus on customer service and writing a profitable book of business.

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    Multi-Line Comparative Rater

    Wheelhouse is a multi-line comparative rater. Once an agent or broker submits a quote, our powerful API takes over. We process the information through each carrier's underwriting system. And, rather than a rate, bindable quotes from multiple, top-rated carriers are returned instantly. We've reduced the time and effort it takes to process quotes and your agents receive an instant response.

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    Cross-Sell Automation

    Do you have a book of business that you need to cross-sell but don't have the resources or the time to manage it? Wheelhouse is all about increasing efficiency. Our cross-selling tool allows wholesalers to upload their book of business while our automation tools do the hard work. Wheelhouse will deliver multiple quotes to their retail agents almost instantly.

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    Rapid Renewals

    Retaining clients from one policy term to the next can be challenging, especially with so many options available. Some are looking for the best price, while others want the best coverage. With rapid renewals, let us do the heavy lifting. We'll quote all your monthly renewals in one step. Reduce your workload and provide your clients with multiple quotes from top-rated carriers quickly and efficiently.

Frictionless User Experience

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    Single-Entry Submission Point

    Traditional methods for quoting commercial property and casualty insurance require time-consuming and redundant processes. Wheelhouse addresses this with our single-entry submission process. Quotes can be started from within the portal or via a website landing page. Our team has meticulously mapped our carriers underwriting systems to the questions they need answers to - creating a fluid and easy application process.

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    24/7 Automated Underwriting Assistance

    Wheelhouse emphasizes efficiency for your brokerage. We want to help reduce or eliminate time-consuming, inefficient, and redundant processes. Our software and tools provide a platform that helps you reduce overhead and be more profitable.

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Custom Solutions

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It Starts with an API

With the Talage API, you’re able to deliver digital quotes all within your own user experience. Our technology powers the commercial application quoting process in a fast and simple form, connecting you to the carriers and coverages your customers want.

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Build With Confidence

If you are a Wholesaler, Program Administrator, or an MGA looking for customized solutions, please click the button below to schedule a call with one of our specialized team members.