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SiMPle Technology for Commercial Insurance

The Submission Management Platform for Commercial Insurance

Leave behind complicated technology. It’s time for something simple. A single connection. Powerful tools. Unique features. Proprietary software. Wheelhouse is the  SiMPle solution.

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Benefits of a Submission Management Platform (SMP)

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    Digital Distribution

    Use the power of insurtech to sell commercial insurance digitally! Your customer's insurance needs are always evolving but if you're not selling online, you're not equipped to keep pace.

    With Wheelhouse's submission management platform and user-friendly interface, you can now sell commercial insurance online, increasing commercial sales & revenue in less time than ever before.

    Learn more about our innovative SMP and how we can help you succeed with Wheelhouse.

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    Growth & Efficiency

    Wouldn't it be great to have an insurtech solution that saves you time and money, but also helps to grow your operations?

    Wheelhouse's Submission Management Platform is designed for commercial insurance organizations that want to increase submission efficiencies, get real-time results, and empower their team.

    Wheelhouse is a full-featured commercial solution with tools for application management, renewals, cross-selling and more.

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    Digital Transformation

    Wheelhouse has made digitizing your operations fast and simple. Our submission management platform has a light learning curve and implementation is fast and easy.

    With Wheelhouse you won't have to deal with any of the mundane tasks that bog down your productivity.

    Wheelhouse offers you the digital tools you need to digitize and streamline your business, simplify your workflow, and measure your success in a completely new way.

Frictionless User Experience

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    Insurance Agents

    Wheelhouse empowers agents with a powerful quoting engine and suite of tools to digitally distribute 30+ carrier products across 5 lines of business. If you're ready to transition from traditional agency operations to a digital environment and protect your independence, Wheelhouse is the simple solution.

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    Wholesale Brokers

    Wheelhouse is the single connection Wholesalers need to distribute their products online. We've made it possible to distribute your products digitally while providing a seamless and simple submission flow for your agents. If you're prepared to digitize your operations, Wheelhouse is the simple solution.

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    Wheelhouse gives carriers access to the agents, brokers, and commercial clients they want with a single integration. Our carrier hub provides insights into the policies you're writing and understanding on how you stack up in the market. If you want a solution that is both fast and efficient, Wheelhouse is the simple solution.

Highlighted Tools & Features

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    Automated Appetite Checker

    Losing time or clients is thing of the past with our automated appetite checker. This technology continually checks whether an application is within appetite for the selected carriers so you can have confidence your application will quote. During the application process, if an application falls out of appetite, the user will be notified immediately, making it simple and fast to edit the data and produce a quote.

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    Client Communication

    Communicating with clients has never been easier. Whether you want to share a completed quote with them, start an application then request they review and complete it, or, as wholesalers, check communication with your agents, you can do it all from within the portal. Keep track of every discussion in one place.

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    Growing your book of business doesn't always mean bringing on new clients. One of the most efficient ways is by cross-selling your book. With Wheelhouse, cross-selling is simple. Whether you want to cross-sell one client or your entire book, you can provide a new quote for your clients quickly and easily. Never struggle with cross-selling again.

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    Data & Analytics

    Every Wheelhouse portal provides a robust dashboard with data and analytics about your business. Review what kinds of business you are writing, manage all your quotes in one place (digital or manual), and even see applications that were started versus completed. We make it easy to see your commercial business performance for last week, last month, and all year.

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    Digital Storefront

    The Wheelhouse digital storefront is a suite of tools that help agents and wholesalers drive online digital distribution and commercial insurance sales. From unlimited landing pages and custom branding to campaign management and lead tracking, we've redefined how commercial insurance sales are made.

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    Insurer Selection

    The insurer selection tool gives control back to the agents. Each question throughout the application process is labeled by the carrier requiring the question. Tired of answering too many questions? Simply add or remove insurers by clicking the checkbox next to the carrier and those questions required by that carrier will disappear from the application.

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    Quoting Engine

    With our powerful SMP and proprietary technology, not only can you get rates for your clients, but we provide bindable quotes from multiple, top-rated carriers in less than 10 minutes with a single submission. From within the portal, you are able to check the status, bind*, manage digital and manual quotes, quote multi-state and multi-locations, cross-sell, and renew business.

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    Rapid Renewals

    Retaining clients can be challenging, especially with so many options available. With our renewal tool we do all the heavy lifting quickly and easily. Whether it's a single policy, processing your monthly renewals, or rolling over your entire book, Wheelhouse can do it all. Reduce your workload and provide your clients with options from top-rated carriers quickly and efficiently.

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    Talage API

    We are committed to providing a secure environment for our customers. The SOC 2 Type II audit is an examination of security controls. Successful completion of this audit shows that commitment and makes it easier to work with new insurers and other customers who require tougher security controls.

Why Choose A Submission Management Platform

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    Insurance Expertise Meets Next-level Insurtech

    Wheelhouse is the only Submission Management Platform (SMP) delivering a deeply integrated, user-specific functionality for insurance agents, wholesale brokers, networks, carriers, and technology providers. With a solution for any commercial insurance organization, clients get the coverage they need and you get a powerful, yet simple solution.

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    Commercial Insurtech For Everyone

    This unique and powerful technology integrates with 30+ carriers to provide a robust, industry-wide solution that makes submitting and managing your commercial applications simple. With a suite of features that facilitate digital distribution, operational efficiency, and growth, Wheelhouse is an invaluable tool for any insurer looking to modernize their business.