Talage Enhances Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology for Insurance Professionals


Talage Enhances Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology for Insurance Professionals


Reno, Nevada — Mar. 21, 2023 Talage, a Submissions Management Platform (or SMP) for commercial insurance, is pleased to announce the enhancement of its OCR technology on the Wheelhouse platform. This enhanced feature allows insurance professionals to upload multiple versions of ACORD forms to the Wheelhouse platform, making the quote process more efficient and reducing the need for manual data entry. 

“We are thrilled to enhance this feature for our clients,” said Adam Kiefer, CEO of Talage. “At Talage, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the insurance process and make it more efficient for our clients. One challenge we all face in this industry is the complete lack of standardization, and while we at Talage are always fighting to improve that, in the immediate future, we want to be able to account for many versions of an application. It is absolutely our goal to eliminate the PDF as a standard, but until then, this is a big step to drive efficiencies. .”

The OCR technology helps bridge the technology gap for insurance providers by taking an analog form of data collection (the ACORD) and transforming it into a digital format for immediate or future use. The integration of enhanced OCR technology into the Wheelhouse platform helps reduce data entry, increases submission and quote activity, and simplifies the cross-sell and renewal application process.

Talage is committed to delivering innovative solutions that help solve pain points in the insurance industry. The integration of OCR technology into the Wheelhouse platform is a testament to that commitment, and we look forward to continuing to bring new solutions to the industry.

For more information about Talage, please visit the company’s website at www.talageins.com.

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