Talage Announces Enhanced Bind/Payment Capabilities on Wheelhouse


Talage Announces Enhanced Bind/Payment Capabilities on Wheelhouse


Reno, Nevada — FEB. 21, 2023 Talage, a Submissions Management Platform (SMP) for commercial insurance, is proud to announce the enhancement and growth of its bind and payment capabilities on Wheelhouse. This new feature streamlines the policy issuance process and allows wholesalers, agency networks, agents, and underwriters to bind policies without paperwork or in-person meetings.

Talage’s Wheelhouse platform currently offers bind capabilities with some of the industry’s leading carriers, including Acuity, AmTrust, Coterie, Employers, Great American, and Markel. Additionally, the platform currently offers payment capabilities with Acuity and Coterie. Talage is working to expand the list of carriers that have these capabilities on the platform, providing users with more options and greater flexibility.

“At Talage, we are always looking for ways to improve the commercial insurance experience for our customers,” said Adam Kiefer, CEO of Talage. “With this new feature, we are able to eliminate delays in the binding process and increase the sales process, all while ensuring the security of collecting payment at the time of binding.”

The new bind and payment capabilities on Wheelhouse are available 24/7, allowing users to easily and securely bind their policy and make payments all within one platform. This eliminates the need for users to wait on an underwriter to process the binder and ensures that wholesalers and agents do not have to worry about being on the hook to pay the carrier for unpaid premium.

This feature is particularly important for insurance agents, wholesale brokers, and underwriters, as well as other carriers who may also want to offer this option. It allows for a more efficient and streamlined workflow and makes the commercial insurance experience more convenient and secure.

Talage is dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced and user-friendly solutions in the industry. The addition of these bind and payment capabilities on Wheelhouse is yet another step in that direction.

For more information about Talage, please visit the company’s website at www.talageins.com.

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About Talage 

Talage is an insurtech established in 2015 and provides an industry-wide solution for submitting and managing commercial applications. Our submission management platform, Wheelhouse, facilitates digital distribution, operational efficiency, growth, and digital transformation. We have 30+ API-driven carrier integrations across five product lines and features to automate manual processes. Talage is the SiMPle solution.