Talage and SolePro Join Forces to Provide Expansive Agent Network with Instant Quotes for Sole Proprietor Workers’ Compensation Plans

RENO, Nev. July 12, 2022 – Talage, a provider of digital distribution software solutions for commercial insurance, today announced the launch of SolePro on the Talage platform. The new offering brings workers’ compensation quotes for sole proprietors and owner only entities to the expansive Talage network of agents.

According to the 2018 census, close to 15 million people were self-employed. Post pandemic, and the ‘great resignation,’ millions more have left the traditional workforce, exponentially increasing the need for these plans.

The Talage platform now supports the Solo X plan for sole proprietors and owner only entities, commonly known as a “Ghost” or “Paper” policy that provides proof of coverage when contractually required. The combination of policies includes an Accident Policy giving the owner limited 24/7 on and off the job coverage. The Solo I plan is a standard monoline workers’ compensation policy that targets owners who choose, or are contractually required to be included on their workers’ compensation policy. Solo I is a very sought after policy for local trucking entities who are required to be included by their vendors.

“We are pleased to continue to use our technology to offer unique and one-of-a-kind opportunities to the market,” said Adam Kiefer, co-founder and CEO of Talage. “Launching SolePro on our platform will afford agents an opportunity to expand their business with these ghost policies and expand their business to a segment of the workforce that has been historically difficult to service. We look forward to a fruitful partnership.”

Talage is the digital connection for commercial insurance that automates traditionally manual processes, such as applications or renewals. The solution provides the ability to quickly and easily equip agencies, wholesale brokers and other carrier partners with the digital tools to support automation and growth in the small business segment.

“We have always been champions for the sole proprietors and entrepreneurs looking to protect themselves and their contractors. Prior to SolePro, one of the only solutions for this type of policy was the Assigned Risk Plan, which came with mid-term audits and long wait times” said Steve Love, president of SolePro. “Partnering with Talage is a huge win for us that will significantly expand our reach and simplify the quoting and approval processes for these much needed policies.

Over the past 12 months, demand has prompted Talage to add the ability to quote additional lines of coverage such as professional liability and cyber insurance and deliver industry-first tools to simplify renewals, book rolls, and cross-sell opportunities. With access to more than 30 API-enabled products for insurance that dramatically reduce quote times, Talage has turned what was an arduous, weeks-long process for agents, into an instant turnaround. Agents and brokers can now quickly generate quotes for customers while automating that process with digital tools and extending their reach and book of business.

About SolePro
SolePro is an online insurance broker offering easy and efficient solutions for agents looking to provide businesses with fast, affordable insurance. Our team is made up of underwriters, account managers, and problem solvers. Our insurance professionals have been working in the insurance industry for over 100 years combined, and specialize in online workers’ compensation programs.

About Talage
Talage is the digital connection that powers digital distribution for commercial P&C insurance via the Talage API platform. With over 30 carrier integrations Talage delivers instant, bindable quotes across five product lines. Today the platform is leveraged by agents, wholesalers, carriers, and technology providers.

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