Chenango Brokers Partners with Talage to Streamline Commercial Distribution


Chenango Brokers Partners with Talage to Streamline Commercial Distribution

Revolutionizing the Commercial Insurance Industry with Advanced Technology and Expertise


Reno, Nevada — Mar. 7, 2023 Talage, an insurtech company providing a full submission management platform for commercial insurance distribution, is proud to announce it has added Chenango Brokers, LLC to its growing list of partners on the platform. This partnership will enable Chenango to quicken turnaround times and improve efficiencies internally, so agents can focus on consulting with clients rather than data entry.

Wheelhouse’s Talage platform provides a branded, private network with exclusive access for agents to sell commercial products and lines of business online. This digital distribution solution will enable Chenango to grow its business efficiently by increasing submission efficiencies, providing real-time results to retail agencies, and empowering underwriters.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Chenango and working together to streamline their commercial insurance distribution,” said Adam Kiefer – CEO, CO-Founder of Talage. “Talage’s advanced platform and insurance industry expertise will be a great asset to Chenango’s wholesalers, IA agents, and carriers.”

With Talage, Chenango can transition to digital distribution easily and quickly. The platform’s modern and user-friendly interface makes it simple for wholesalers, IA agents, and carriers to use, while the expertise of the Talage team in Adam Kiefer, Amber Grayson, Craig Fuher, Matt Porter, and Jonathan Maloney (all veteran insurance professionals), provide added value.

“Our partnership with Talage is a game-changer for Chenango. Talage’s innovative solution for commercial distribution will allow us to improve efficiencies internally, and better serve our agents and clients. We are excited to see the results that this partnership will bring,” said John Mason, President, of Chenango Brokers, LLC.

This partnership will also be of great benefit to the industry as a whole, as it brings a unique approach to commercial insurance distribution. Talage’s Wheelhouse platform is not just a rater, but a complete submission management platform, which provides a key differentiator from other insurtech solutions.

Partnerships between forward-thinking wholesalers like Chenango and innovative tech solutions like Talage are helping the industry to transition to the digital age and continue to advance the Insurtech Universe. By leveraging technology and streamlining processes wholesalers create a better experience for agents, customers, and everyone along the value chain. 

Talage makes the process of submitting and managing commercial applications simple, allowing our industry partners to increase efficiency, provide real-time results and empower underwriters. This partnership is in line with our company’s mission of connecting the commercial insurance industry through aggregated and simplified integrations across the distribution channel. 

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About Talage 

Talage is an insurtech established in 2015 and provides an industry-wide solution for submitting and managing commercial applications. Our submission management platform, Wheelhouse, facilitates digital distribution, operational efficiency, growth, and digital transformation. We have 30+ API-driven carrier integrations across five product lines and features to automate manual processes. Talage is the simple solution.

About Chenango Brokers, LLC

John N. Mason, CIC purchased Chenango Brokers nearly 24 years ago and since then he has consulted numerous agencies across the United States and Canada and provides unique markets in numerous states from coast-to-coast.