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, Author: Craig Fuher

Use Facebook Ads to Acquire Insurance Leads

Generating Facebook insurance leads through Facebook ads can be a great way for insurance agents to grow their businesses. While you do have to put money into Facebook ads, getting leads can more than pay for the cost of this marketing activity. In particular, Facebook advertising has some unique characteristics that can make it highly beneficial to insurance agents.

For one, Facebook has incredible reach. Not only does the parent company (now called Meta) include the Facebook social network itself, but it also owns several other platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Over 3.5 billion people are monthly active users of at least one of these platforms, according to Statista. So, odds are, you can find some relevant leads among such a large user base. 

Plus, having these complementary networks can help as you navigate how to generate insurance leads on Facebook. For example, you might create an ad for Facebook that then starts a dialogue within Messenger. You also have a lot of flexibility in terms of where your ads initially appear, whether that’s the Facebook news feed, Instagram stories, or many other places.

Facebook advertising for insurance agencies can also be a great way to generate leads for those who are newer to advertising. While you shouldn’t assume that you’ll automatically generate a high return on investment (ROI), if any return at all, Facebook offers a number of tools for business owners that make it easier to navigate online advertising. 

Plus, given the scale of Facebook, there are so many good resources online regarding how to advertise on Facebook, so you might find it easier to get started there as opposed to, say, running banner ads on other websites.

Still not convinced? In this article, we’ll dive into more depth as to why running ads to get Facebook insurance leads often makes sense for insurance agents.

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Directly Find New Prospects

One of the top reasons why Facebook advertising for insurance agencies makes sense is that you have the capability to directly find new prospects. Organic marketing certainly has its place, and you likely want to take a combined approach. But Facebooks ads enable you to be a bit more proactive in finding new prospects.

For example, if you’re looking to sell more general liability policies, you could write a blog post about risk prevention, which could slowly draw in prospects over time. But you don’t necessarily know how relevant these readers are, let alone when they’ll come to you. Yet you could take that same blog post and pour some fuel on the fire by turning it into a Facebook ad so that you can directly get that article in front of business owners who could be a good fit for your insurance business.

You can also set up ads to directly generate Facebook insurance leads, such as by structuring your ad to include a lead generation form. That way, you can potentially cut down on the number of steps it takes from someone becoming aware of your brand to giving you their contact info so you can continue the conversation and eventually close more deals.

Target Distinct Audiences

Related to the ability to directly find new prospects is how Facebook advertising for insurance agencies allows you to directly target distinct audiences.

For example, if you’re primarily selling general liability policies to automotive businesses and salons, those can be very different audiences, and you might not want to put the same ad in front of both. Instead, you could create two separate Facebook ads, and you could use Facebook’s advertising tools to target each one toward those in specific industries, rather than taking a broad approach. 

“Perhaps the strongest feature of all Facebook marketing is the ability to target particular demographics. While Google Ads can target keywords, the algorithm still struggles to know who is searching. Facebook ads work in the opposite way,” notes Brandtastic, a marketing and design agency. 

In addition to targeting audiences by industry, you can also drill down into demographic differences such as location. That way you can be more confident that your ads reach those who can actually purchase insurance from you. Plus, if you work in a large state, for instance, you might want to target business owners in two different regions. Being able to create different ads that speak to local issues could be a difference-maker.

From there, you can funnel Facebook insurance leads to correspondingly targeted landing pages created through Wheelhouse

Measure Results

Lastly, Facebook advertising for insurance agencies can be very powerful due to the ability to clearly measure results. Facebook has built-in advertising tools that help you track and see how your ads perform. That can help you learn how to generate insurance leads on Facebook, such as if you see that one type of ad copy resulted in more click-throughs, messages, or whatever your objective was. Then, next time, you can go with more of what works, rather than wasting money on ineffective ads.

You may have seen that Facebook Analytics has been retired, but don’t assume that means you can’t still measure results. Within Ads Manager on Facebook, you can still see detailed data through the Ads Reporting feature. Not only can you see the overall results, but you can automate some of the processes that help you stay on top of how you’re doing.

As Facebook explains, if you wanted to track your ad performance among specific groups, “You would use Ads Reporting to customize what audiences and ad metrics you would like to see in the report. You would also use Ads Reporting to create the recurring report and schedule it to be emailed to yourself and your colleagues weekly.”

In other words, Facebook advertising is often easier to measure and analyze than other types of activities. You might be able to draw a straight line between someone clicking on a Facebook ad and generating a policy quote, thereby helping you calculate a clear ROI on your Facebook advertising.

In contrast, with a print ad, for example, you might not know exactly which customers came from that ad vs. other channels. Even if you try to collect this data through surveys or promo codes, it’s not always as clean and easy to track as it is when done through Facebook.

See How You Can Start Generating Facebook Insurance Leads

As these examples show, Facebook offers a number of features that make advertising through this platform a great way to generate Facebook insurance leads. The good news too is that you don’t have to commit much to get started. You could even set a budget of $1 per day so that your ads don’t end up costing you much until you get a feel for this channel.

Facebook ads probably shouldn’t be the only way that you go about generating insurance leads, as you don’t want to make yourself overly reliant on the platform. If things change, like the cost to reach certain audiences goes up, you don’t want to then have to be in a position where you don’t have enough budget to reach your goals. But as a complement to other marketing activities, Facebook advertising for insurance agencies is often a solid idea.