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, Author: Craig Fuher

Insurance Quoting Made Easy

For years insurance quoting has been a time-consuming and redundant process. Even with the advent of technology, there has been little improvement in the commercial insurance quoting software space. As a result, writing small business policies is often unprofitable and inefficient. 

But what if a solution existed that could make insurance quoting easy? Imagine a product that removes redundant work, expedites the quoting process, and makes your life as an agent infinitely better, all while keeping your commissions in your pocket. In this article, you will learn how we have transformed insurance quoting software and enabled agents to provide consistency and continuity in their services.

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The Commercial Insurance Quoting Process

Insurance agents are responsible for all aspects of their business, from lead generation and qualifying leads to gathering multiple quotes and writing policies. While this helps you better serve your clients, there are parts of the process that are time-consuming making small business policies largely fruitless. Although comparative rater software, which provides a general idea of what an insurance policy may cost, has improved this system, acceptance of the application and the quoted amount is not guaranteed. Thus leaving a gap for a quicker, more efficient process. 

In addition to handling quotes and policies, commercial insurance agents also need to bring in new business. Historically, this has been limited to a person’s locality and hours in a day. The traditional carrier-agent-client relationship isn’t broken, the tools just need to be revamped.  

The Wheelhouse Difference

Advances in digital technology, specifically InsurTech, make it possible to reduce redundant, labor-intensive, and time-consuming tasks. This technology simplifies generating and qualifying leads, researching and providing quotes, and engaging with potential clients. 

Wheelhouse, a SAAS product powered by Talage technology, is a platform that supports lead generation, marketing management, and lead qualification. It also simplifies the commercial insurance application process by allowing business owners to retrieve instant, bindable quotes in a self-service platform. Beyond that, it helps agents manage existing clients, and generally improves your ability to grow and manage your business. 

Using Wheelhouse, insurance agents retain ownership of the book, contact information, and keep their commission earnings. No deductions or hidden fees. Best of all, Wheelhouse works for you 24/7. When you’re running errands, home with the family, or enjoying a vacation, Wheelhouse can help you write small business policies automatically. 

Benefits for Insurance Agents

Agents with access to the Wheelhouse insurance quoting software no longer need to provide one-on-one assistance to small businesses. A small business has the ability to receive a quote and buy bindable coverage at the same time and in one centralized location. 

This innovative technology makes it possible to know what insurance needs clients have without the agent spending a lot of time nurturing a lead and handling the quote retrieval and policy write-up. All of that is integrated into the software. 

Wheelhouse platform benefits agents in more substantive ways. 

  1. Allows agents to easily manage and personalize a customized mini-website for their agency 
  2. Let’s agents track applications submitted on the portal, including business contact information, application responses, and review the application as either quoted, declined, or incomplete. 
  3. Sends agents email notifications for incomplete applications and summaries are sent to prevent agents from missing opportunities. 
  4. Provides agents insights about their agency’s marketing efforts and sales funnel. It includes graphs that show the number of applications completed over time, number submitted vs. number bound, and other information. 
  5. Enables agents to build and customize landing pages. This allows agents to focus specific attention on any industry, market, location or demographics you want to target
  6. Allows agents to easily add and manage users and give access to any team member who needs it.

The software makes quoting easier by significantly reducing the time it takes to receive multiple quotes. And, in turn, efficiently complete the sale. During challenging and competitive times, agents with our commercial insurance quoting software are positioning themselves to maintain the ability to better navigate these times, connect with carriers and nurture customers through the dynamic changes of their businesses. 

Improved Client Experience

Many of your clients are already using digital tools to conduct business and live their lives. They value the speed and accuracy technology provides. By meeting prospects where they are and providing them an opportunity to do business with you in an unexpected and seamless way (such as getting an insurance quote using the Wheelhouse platform), you will increase your premiums and improve your client satisfaction and customer retention. 

Personalized Service

Using insurance quoting software, agents can obtain better customer leads and provide a personalized experience for their clients, including:

  1. Give customers access to more accurately priced policies 
  2. Improve processing time 
  3. Accurate product configuration (connecting clients needs with right codes) 
  4. Landing pages geared toward specific demographics
  5. Assists insurance agents with communicating better with both customers and carriers

Commercial insurance quoting software is effective, strategic, and gives agents a competitive edge. This innovative software is the powerful engine that ensures quote customization, builds trust, informs decisions, and ensures continuity of sales and service. Wheelhouse’s platform enables easy and quick customization. Plus, it puts you in a position to grow your business and better serve your clients. 

Wheelhouse is the digital investment you need. It gives your customers the capacity and capability to access insurance quotes in a simpler way. It’s clear that InsurTech is changing the way insurance agents do business. Don’t be left behind. Step into the future with Wheelhouse and get ahead of the competition.

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