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Top Insurance Influencers to Follow On Social Media

Social media isn’t just a place to promote your business or catch up with friends. It’s also a great place to learn. One way to gain knowledge and inspiration is by following influencers on social media. 

But you don’t have to follow internationally recognized celebrities. There are lots of approachable people who share useful content about the insurance industry. They don’t necessarily have astronomical followings, but some are “celebrities” within the insurance industry. Others you might not have heard of yet. Once you start following them, however, you’ll often be able to pick up insurance-related tips and improve your business.

Finding the top insurance influencers to follow can sometimes be tricky. But if you look at who your peers follow, you might get some ideas. And to help put you on the right track, we’ve put together a list of ten insurance influencers to follow.

For some, we’ve linked to their Twitter accounts. For others, we’ve linked to their LinkedIn accounts. That way, if you’re active on one platform but not the other, you can still find some top insurance influencers to follow. Keep in mind, though, that you might also find these individuals on other platforms than the ones we’ve listed here.

Top Insurance Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter can be a great place to engage in conversations about insurance. But even if you take a more passive approach and just view content, you can get something out of it. Here we’ve put together a list of five of the top insurance influencers to follow on Twitter. Not all are influencers in the traditional sense, as some have modest followings. But they’re active and produce helpful content, and you can get a variety of perspectives.

Heather Blevins, Project Coordinator, State Farm

Heather Blevins

Heather Blevins is a project coordinator at State Farm, and she calls herself an “official insurance rebel.” On Twitter, you can find her sharing information and content on topics such as insurance industry events and important industry advice.
She is a curator of insurance happenings for the person who doesn’t have the time to sift through publications and other influencers to find what’s happening.

For example, in a recent post, Heather shares the top three issues she believes is facing the insurance industry, which she picked up from a leadership summit run by The CPCU Society; the issues include climate risk, digital transformation, and the talent gap.

Tony Cañas, Co-Founder Insurance Nerds

Tony Cañas

Tony Cañas wears many hats but is perhaps best known for being a co-founder of Insurance Nerds, a popular insurance community/media brand. He is also a recruiting partner at Goodwin Recruiting and has held many roles in the insurance industry in areas such as sales, underwriting, claims, and finance.

As the Insurance Nerds website notes, “Tony Canas is a young insurance nerd, blogger, and speaker. He’s the voice of the Millennial generation in the insurance industry helping the industry understand how to engage this large demographic that will soon make up over 50% of the workforce.”On social media, Tony shares a wide range of content including insurance industry career advice and clips from the Insurance Nerds podcast.

Commercial Insurance Guy

Commercial Insurance Guy

This anonymous Twitter account from a commercial insurance producer might not have the biggest following, but they share great insights. The content is often more casual, funny, and direct. It’s a good way to get an honest look at life in the insurance industry.

For example, one of their tweets shares a forthright lesson on prospecting: “pick up the phone and call someone. It doesn’t have to be warm, hot, or cold just call a prospect that you believe is a good fit… actually call 15 of them. It doesn’t matter what you say as long as it’s genuine. All that matters is you CALL.”

Denise Garth, Sr. VP Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Majesco

Denise Garth

Denise Garth is an, “Acknowledged Top 50 InsurTech Influencer, strategic thinker, speaker & writer on the future of insurance.” And someone you should seriously consider following on Twitter.

As a senior VP for strategic marketing and innovation at Majesco, an InsurTech business, she actively retweets content about InsurTech, FinTech, and other areas of technology.

As someone who is quite connected, you may come across other profiles via her tweets that you may find intereting.

Florian Graillot, Founding Partner, Astoya VC

Florian Graillot

For more of an international and financial view on insurance and InsurTech, Florian Graillot is a good person to follow on Twitter. He’s a founding partner at in Paris.

“New technologies enable insurance, to change its status quo, business models, and way of serving customers in the age of continuous change. We are investing in visionary founders eager to build this next generation of insurance and capable to take their vision off-the-ground,” the venture capital fund states.

In addition to FinTech content, Florian shares lots of useful content for insurance professionals, for example, this thread on how embedded insurance differs from lead generation.

Top Insurance Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a great place to follow influencers, and you might choose to follow the Twitter influencers we’ve mentioned on LinkedIn as well. In addition, here are five other influencers to follow on LinkedIn:

Kim Beach, founder and CEO, InsureWomen

Kim Beach

Kim Beach is the founder and CEO of InsureWomen. As stated in her LinkedinIn profile, “InsureWomen’s mission is to empower women in the insurance buying process to feel confident, educated and treated with the respect and attention they deserve.”

The brand is designed to create a community for female insurance agents. She’s also the owner of the independent insurance agency Village Insurance.

On LinkedIn, she often highlights other great women in the industry who have joined InsureWomen, so if you’re looking to expand your network, you might get some ideas of who to connect with.

Dustyne Bryant, Personal Insurance Academic Director, The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research

Dustyne Bryant

Dustyne Bryant is passionate about the insuranc eindustry. In addition to being the Personal Insurance Academic Director at The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, she is a technical writer and podcast host and speaker.

She is active on LInkedIn sharing great content about insurance industry events she’s attended, as well as industry news and job openings across the industry. Dustyne hosts the Awkward Insurance podcast, which is about more of the personal and relationship-building aspects of the insurance industry.

You can find some content related to the podcast on her LinkedIn feed, along with other insurance-related posts.

Gloria Guntiñas Vanzo, CEO and founder, Mltply

Gloria Guntiñas Vanzo

Gloria Guntiñas Vanzo is the CEO and founder of Mltply, a “studio VC funding seed-stage companies that are solving small businesses’ and consumers’ protection and needs in areas of property and casualty,” as her LinkedIn profile states.

The VC fund focuses on innovative areas such as telematics and new data. In addition, she is the co-founder and COO of Pouch, which focuses on commercial auto insurance for small businesses.

She shares helpful, unique insights in areas like business development and innovation in InsurTech and the broader insurance industry. She also has a strong network from which she shares content, such as when other insurance businesses post about job openings in insurance.

Sarah Muniz, Producer, Home Team Insurance

Sarah Muniz

Sarah Muniz is a producer at Home Team Insurance. She also has a brand, Undiscovered Voices, that includes a book under the same name, speaking, workshops, and strategy consulting.

Undiscovered Voices is about gender inequities in insurance leadership and “unlocking the potential of women in insurance,” as the subtitle of her book states.

On LinkedIn, you can find Sarah sharing content about this important topic of empowering women in the insurance industry, along with other content about insurance. She even creates her own memes about insurance.

Andrew Yeoman, CEO and Co-Founder, Concirrus

Andrew Yeoman

Andrew Yeoman is the chief executive and co-founder of Concirrus, an InsurTech business. He shares unique content that includes articles from other industry professionals, events, and his take on how the world and insurance are connected.

A recent post by him on LinkedIn connected the dots between the new James Webb Telescope and insurance, looking at how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the industry.

As his profile states, the insurance industry is changing due to these emerging technologies like IoT and AI, along with cloud computing and digital distribution.

Adam Kiefer, CEO and Co-Founder, Talage


Adam Kiefer is the CEO and Co-Founder of Talage, a Submission Management Platform (SMP) for commercial insurance, “where we strive every day to build and define the future of insurance distribution on behalf of our insurance carrier partners, our insurance agent customers, and the businesses across this country that they all serve.”

You can find him talking about the issues that face the commercial insurance industry, the trends in insurtech, and what the future holds for the industry. His passion for the industry, belief in creating something better, and love for connecting make him an ideal influencer in the space and someone we definitely think you should follow. 

Who Will You Follow Next?

These top insurance influencers can be great resources to help you grow your insurance business. Explore their profiles and see if you can get value from reading their content and engaging with them online.

And if you want to stay tuned in to how we’re changing the commercial insurance industry, follow Talage on LinkedIn!