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, Author: Craig Fuher

How to Promote Your Insurance Business: 20 Resources

You don’t have to be a marketing expert to learn how to promote your insurance business successfully. But you are going to have to put in some time and effort to make it work. In any field, it takes time to learn what to do and what not to do so you can connect with more leads and turn them into customers. 

Fortunately, there’s a wide range of readily available resources that can help you quickly learn how to improve your marketing. These resources can range from informative ones like marketing blogs that share tips on areas like social media or email marketing. There are also many technology resources that can help you improve, such as SEO tools that enable you to learn what types of keywords to use.

In this guide, we’ll explore 20 different resources that you can use to learn how to promote your insurance business better. Many of these are not insurance-specific, but they can still help insurance agents greatly.

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Informative Resources

The first category of resources to consider for promoting your insurance business are informative ones. From news sites and blogs to books, insurance agents can consume content that ultimately helps them create better content of their own for their business promotion.

#1 Talage’s Blog

While we don’t mean to toot our own horn too much, we do write extensively about how insurance agents can improve their marketing, so we suggest poking around the blog or subscribing to our newsletter to stay in the loop. From SEO tips for insurance agents to information on creating Facebook ads, the Talage blog covers many areas that can help you learn how to promote your insurance business effectively.

#2 Andy Crestodina’s LinkedIn Newsletter

LinkedIn has a number of features that can help you learn how to promote your insurance business and improve your marketing. One of them is the platform’s built-in newsletters, which you can get delivered to your email inbox or view on LinkedIn. Among these newsletters, a great one to follow is “Digital Marketing Tips” by Andy Crestodina, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Orbit Media Studios.

#3 StoryBrand

Learning how to promote your insurance business isn’t just about figuring out what channels to focus on. It’s also about learning to craft your messaging in a way that connects with your audience. StoryBrand is a collection of resources that includes a book, “Building a Story Brand,” as well as others such as a workshop and podcast. One key concept of StoryBrand is making the customer the hero of your marketing message, not your brand.

#4 Neil Patel

The website for marketing expert Neil Patel provides a wealth of resources to help essentially anyone, including insurance agents, pick up new tactics and figure out how to improve their marketing and learn how to promote their insurance business. The site has a comprehensive blog full of marketing resources, along with other offerings like an SEO research tool.

#5 Content Marketing Institute

If you want to get better at content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is one of the best resources to consult. From expert blog articles to original research to events, CMI offers a wide range of resources that can help you learn how to create effective content that helps you reach your marketing goals.

#6 Search Engine Journal

This site publishes articles from a wide range of experts, with a particular focus on search marketing areas like SEO, though there is also content on other marketing topics like social media. Many of the site’s articles are “how-to” pieces, so you can directly learn new ways to improve your marketing.

#7 Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is another helpful website that takes more of a news-oriented approach to what’s going on in the world of search and related areas. Keeping up with this type of news can help you stay tuned into new features and similar announcements that can affect your marketing approach.

#8 Property Casualty 360

Another resource that can help you figure out how to promote your insurance business is an industry news site like Property Casualty 360. Commercial insurance agents can learn more about what’s going in their industry, which can then potentially help when crafting marketing messages for those in the late funnel stages, where they want to know more specifics about how your policies can help.

#9 Insurance Journal

Similar to Property Casualty 360, Insurance Journal provides property and casualty insurance news, so you can stay up to date with what’s going on in the industry. It’s often helpful to follow more than one publication, because even if there’s some overlap, you might spot useful articles in one that don’t appear in the other.

#10 LinkedIn Learning

Another way to use LinkedIn as a resource regarding how to promote your insurance business is to use LinkedIn Learning. This offering provides a wide range of learning materials in different formats such as video courses and workshops. Some are marketing-specific, while others are more about work in general, like how to become more productive. 

Technology Resources

In addition to the many types of informative resources that exist to help insurance agents improve how to promote their insurance businesses, many technology solutions also exist to provide a boost. These solutions sometimes go hand in hand with educational resources, which might explain how to get better use out of some of these tools. Many of these platforms also have robust blogs of their own that you can read to gain valuable marketing advice.

#11 Google Analytics

One of the best ways to learn what’s working with your marketing and find ways to improve is to measure your website results through Google Analytics. Being able to see data like the most popular pages on your website and where visitors are coming from can help you figure out what to do more of.

#12 Google Ads

Search advertising through Google Ads can be a valuable channel within your overall marketing approach. Even if you don’t spend much money on these ads, the Google Ads platform can still provide valuable insights, such as what search volume looks like and what types of ads perform well for you. Before you consider using Google Ads, it’s important to understand the advertising landscape. Google Keyword Planner, available in Google Ads, can help you better understand what it may cost you for effective advertising. 

Simply because you decide to advertise through Google doesn’t mean you will automatically start receiving leads. You should dig into how their online auction works. This, along with understanding the search landscape will help you gauge how much you will need to spend to get the results you want. 

#13 Buffer

One way to improve your social media marketing is to use a tool like Buffer. Not only can you schedule posts in advance to help improve your efficiency and maintain consistency, but you can also gain access to other features, like analytics and the ability to easily create social media graphics.

#14 Mailchimp

In addition to social media management tools, insurance agents also might want to turn to email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. That way you can easily manage your email lists, create attractive email marketing newsletters and analyze results to see how you can get better.

#15 HubSpot

Another powerful marketing tool is HubSpot. It can help manage social media as well as several other areas such as email, or you can integrate the platform with other tools like Mailchimp. Meanwhile, HubSpot can serve as your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help you organize insurance leads and track their progress. 

#16 Ahrefs

If you’re looking to improve your SEO, it can help to use a tool like Ahrefs. Insurance agents can use Ahrefs to figure out what keywords to try to rank for, analyze how their current site ranks, develop content marketing ideas, and more.

#17 MarketMuse

Another helpful SEO tool is MarketMuse, which can make it easier to not only figure out what type of content to write for search purposes but also how to improve your content once you’re in the writing stages. You can put your draft into the tool to get a score on how well it meets certain SEO parameters, and you can get clear suggestions for keywords to add to your articles to improve your SEO.

#18 Unsplash

Creating good marketing content often requires the use of high-quality images, and a great place to find free ones is Unsplash. Whether you need a photo for a blog article, social media post, or anything else, you can often find great pictures on this site.

#19 Hotjar

Tools like Google Analytics can help you understand how your website performs, but Hotjar goes further in some areas to tell you specifics like the actual parts of a webpage that tend to get the most attention. That way you can know if, say, important info lower down on your homepage tends to not get scrolled to, in which case you’d likely want to move that info toward the top.

#20 Wheelhouse

Lastly, our platform Wheelhouse provides a wide range of marketing tools to help insurance agents as they figure out how to promote their insurance businesses. For example, you can share your application link across any digital channel, which can help when creating different types of ad campaigns. Insurance agents can also use the backend data to better understand their customers and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

Altogether, these marketing resources can go a long way toward improving your insurance marketing. You don’t necessarily need to use all of them, at least not right away, but getting started with a few of them can put you on a better path.