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, Author: Craig Fuher

Get Your Clients to Review and Upgrade Their Policies

After putting in the hard work to get clients to bind a policy with you, you don’t want to see that effort go to waste by having clients end their coverage when it comes time to renew. Instead, you want to do everything you can to retain clients by getting them to review and, ideally, upgrade their policies. That way, you can put in less time and money toward marketing to new prospects and instead reap the rewards of growing from your existing customer base.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated to get clients to review and upgrade their policies. As we’ll explore in this solution guide, by maintaining communication with clients throughout the year, along with using tools like Wheelhouse that help you be more proactive, efficient, and easy, you can make renewals and upgrades easier for clients. And, ultimately, find more success.

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Keep Communication Lines Open

The first aspect of getting your clients to review and upgrade their policies is to keep communication lines open long before you try to sell them more. If you’re contacting them out of the blue, only to seem like a pushy salesperson, that can make it hard to close deals. Yet if you build relationships with clients and communicate on an ongoing basis, they may be more receptive to hearing what you have to say when you have ideas for how they can upgrade their policies.

Some ways to keep communication lines open include:

Connecting on Social Media

Adding clients on social channels and interacting with them there can be a good way to keep in touch. You just want to try to find the right balance between friendly, social communication and being an over-the-top salesperson.

So, instead of just sharing content about your own insurance agency or commenting on clients’ posts about why they should buy more coverage from you, aim to contribute to conversations in positive ways. For example, if a client shares a LinkedIn post that they’re hiring, maybe you can tag someone you know that would be a good fit. That way you’re helping your client out while also staying top of mind for your customers.

Building an Email Marketing List

Your marketing efforts don’t have to just be about lead generation. You can also establish stronger connections with clients if you get them to subscribe to your email marketing list. That way, when they see your newsletters — whether that’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. — they can hopefully grow to trust your insights. And when you do reach out to discuss renewals and upgrades, it won’t seem like you came out of nowhere, such as if you hadn’t contacted them since they signed up for a policy the previous year.

Some quick tips to build an email marketing list include adding signup forms to your:

  • Website
  • Regular email signature
  • Social media channels
  • Webinar/event registrations

You can also ask existing subscribers to refer others, especially if you share valuable business advice, rather than just being promotional. 

Be Proactive 

Keeping communication lines open can help clients become more receptive to your outreach, but you still need the tools and processes to make these efforts successful. That’s where InsurTech platforms like Wheelhouse come in. 

Through the agent portal of Wheelhouse, you can access features that make it easy to be proactive when it comes to getting clients to review policies and upgrade. For example, you can:

Email applications to clients 

Instead of waiting for clients to start the renewal process and apply for new lines of coverage, you can get a head start by initiating an application for clients. You can then send partially completed applications to clients for them to then review and finalize by adding their relevant information. That way, clients can renew and get new quotes with less effort. 

Access form data 

Insurance agents can easily access form data that clients have submitted. So, when it comes to renewals and upgrades, you can look back on what information clients may have submitted in the past and then make suggestions for renewals and additional coverage accordingly. 

Cross-sell with copy quoting 

Getting clients to renew is great, but ideally, you can also grow revenue by getting them to add new lines of coverage. So, insurance agents can use Wheelhouse’s copy quoting feature. You can copy an existing quote for one product line and apply it to multiple other lines, such as cyber, BOP, general liability, etc. Then you can add or edit information accordingly to help clients quickly get quotes for additional insurance areas. Not only can that save clients time, but it can also help if they’re unaware of certain types of coverage they may benefit from, such as some types of cyber insurance.

Edit Applications 

You can also make clients’ lives easier by editing their applications to correct mistakes. If you convince a client to request a quote for additional lines of coverage, yet they make a typo that causes their application to get denied, that can be pretty frustrating for everyone involved. But you can come to the rescue by having the ability to review, edit and submit applications to carriers.

Stay Organized

The last key part of getting clients to review and upgrade their policies is staying organized in terms of your operational/administrative tasks. If you’re manually tracking when clients are up for renewals and trying to remember to send out emails or physical mail, that’s a recipe for forgetting important dates and causing clients to scramble to renew, if they even bother. 

Instead, insurance agents should leverage tools to stay organized. In some cases that can mean using project management tools to stay on top of your tasks and plan out an efficient work schedule. And it can also mean using tools like Wheelhouse, which helps insurance agents stay organized such as by allowing you to bulk quote your monthly renewals. By taking advantage of our bulk quote tool, you can take the tediousness out of the task. 

Insurance agents can also keep their marketing efforts more organized by empowering clients to request their own quotes through a self-serve application, rather than having to wait until they can get in touch with you. If the latter happens, it’s easier for quotes to slip through the cracks, such as if you miss an email from a client, rather than being able to track their quote request within the portal. 

These are just a few of the many features within Wheelhouse that can help you improve your marketing and ultimately get clients to renew and expand their coverage.

Altogether, getting clients to review and upgrade their policies doesn’t have to involve moving mountains. If you keep in touch with clients beyond just when it comes time for renewals, use tools like Wheelhouse that help you be proactive, and stay organized, you can increase your success rate.