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, Author: Craig Fuher

5 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Generating Commercial Insurance Leads

Wondering how to get commercial insurance leads more consistently? It doesn’t have to be overly complicated. There are several relatively straightforward steps that you can take to pull in more business professionals who are interested in purchasing commercial insurance policies.

Your boss may want you to know the following tips/concepts as a way to generate more commercial insurance leads for agents without necessarily having to spend more on areas like advertising. In this article, we’ll explore five things your boss wishes you knew about generating commercial insurance leads, and you can apply this advice to help you grow your book. These areas include:

  1. Being dedicated when it comes to lead generation
  2. Asking for referrals and reviews
  3. Creating relevant content for your audience
  4. Using technology wisely
  5. Not overlooking the basics of lead gen

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#1 Generating Commercial Insurance Leads Requires Dedication

While tactics like using Facebook ads can potentially help insurance agents find commercial insurance leads faster than they could organically, that doesn’t mean you should expect leads to roll in like an avalanche. Building up your list of leads takes time, so you need to be patient while having the determination to forge ahead across multiple channels.

Insurance agents who can dedicate themselves to both the art and science of prospecting and lead generation will be the ones who come out on top. Analyzing your past marketing campaigns, studying what competitors are doing, and going through some trial and error are all part of figuring out how to get commercial insurance leads. 

This dedication can pay off in the long run and eventually make it easier for you to source new leads as you grow to understand what your target market is looking for. Even if the channels change, such as if a new social media network becomes popular, you can have the foundation in place to adapt as needed.

#2 Want More Commercial Insurance Leads? Just Ask

Part of being dedicated to generating commercial insurance leads also requires having the courage to ask for leads. In other words, insurance agents should ask people in their network for referrals to help get the ball rolling. You can ask anyone in your network, ranging from friends to family to former colleagues to other business professionals you meet, and more.

Also, remember that customers can be a great lead generation source. After you onboard new customers, for example, you might ask them to recommend you to others who might need commercial insurance. It might feel slightly uncomfortable at first to ask, but when those new commercial insurance leads start coming in, you’ll be happy you did. Plus, these leads may be stronger than others you’ve generated, as you gain the social proof of being recommended by other customers.

Similarly, you can also ask customers for reviews. As people then come across these reviews online, they might decide to get in touch with you, thereby creating commercial insurance leads for agents without always requiring agents to be the ones doing the initial outreach to prospects.

#3 Create Content That Speaks to Your Ideal Audience

Creating content such as social media posts or blog posts can be a good way to get more commercial insurance leads, but keep in mind the importance of relevancy. Sharing your thoughts on car insurance, for example, might not be very effective if you’re trying to sell professional liability insurance.

Instead, insurance agents should create content that speaks to their ideal audiences in order to generate more commercial insurance leads. Think about the profiles of the customers you sell to. That might be small professional services firms in Minnesota or hairdressers in Texas or any other group. Consider what type of content they would find valuable, analyze what’s gaining traction among these groups, and test out content that helps you form a connection with these professionals so that you can generate more commercial insurance leads.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what your audience wants to hear about, some ideas are to:

  • Look at what customers are talking about on social media to get a sense of what similar business professionals you’re targeting might want to discuss
  • Ask your current customers what they would find valuable, such as when you onboard them or have renewal conversations
  • Analyze past marketing campaigns, such as to see what types of articles you’ve shared through email newsletters or on social media gained the most traction

#4 Use Technology to Gain More Commercial Insurance Leads

Your boss wants you to generate more commercial insurance leads. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to work longer hours. Instead, leverage technology to improve your efficiency. With content creation, for example, a number of tools exist to automate and streamline areas ranging from topic discovery to graphic design.

Using InsurTech can also potentially result in more commercial insurance leads for agents. Wheelhouse, for example, can help you set up targeted landing pages to reel in prospects and turn them into qualified leads. The platform also enables fast, online, bindable quoting capabilities to help you hook more prospects. 

If someone visits your website via a blog post you’ve created, for instance, you don’t want them to just read the article and leave the site without you at least gaining their contact info. Even better, they can generate a policy quote from your website, helping you get from casual website visitor to a serious commercial insurance lead. Otherwise, you might not even know you have a new lead and can’t do your best to nurture that lead.

#5 Don’t Forget the Basics of Lead Gen

While technology can be a useful component in terms of how to get commercial leads, you don’t want to forget the basics of lead generation either. Things like networking and cold outreach can still play a role in your lead generation, they just might be part of a larger puzzle rather than the only pieces.

Also, keep in mind that the basics of lead generation apply online much as they do offline. With networking, for example, you probably wouldn’t ramble on about yourself and be overly promotional if you met someone at a conference; instead, you would likely aim to have a conversation. The same can apply to social media and other online channels. Tying back to creating content for your audience, you don’t want to just post about your business but instead network by being conversational and discussing topics that commercial insurance leads would likely care about.

Generating More Commercial Insurance Leads Is Within Reach

Focusing on these five things helps agents learn how to get commercial insurance leads more consistently. Learning more about what your target audience cares about can go a long way toward improving your lead generation, and remember to be patient as you try different tactics while remembering that the basics still have value. 

Eventually, you can get to a place where you have a solid lead generation engine in place, with new leads coming in from multiple channels, such as client referrals, social media, your website, and more. And with the help of insurtech, you can then turn more of those leads into insurance customers.