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, Author: Craig Fuher

5 Best Mobile Apps for Marketing Insurance

Being an insurance agent today often requires having a robust digital marketing strategy. In many cases, creating and executing that strategy involves the use of mobile devices and leveraging mobile apps for marketing. Because if you only work on your marketing while you’re in your main office in front of your laptop or desktop, you could miss out on important opportunities.

For example, if you’re attending an industry conference, that could be a good opportunity to share some photos on social media. Or, maybe you have a few minutes between meetings and aren’t near a computer, but you might have your phone on you and can jot down some blog post ideas, check on a social media marketing campaign, browse LinkedIn, etc. 

To get the most out of these moments where you might conduct some marketing activities on your phone, it helps to have mobile apps for marketing, as we’ll explore in this guide. These are often mobile versions of web platforms (this article links to web platforms, check the mobile store on your relevant device to download the apps), so odds are if you’re familiar with using these types of marketing platforms on your computer, you can easily do so on your mobile device. 

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#1: Canva

Good marketing often requires good visuals. 

“When your audience can see an accompanying photo with your content, they’re much more likely to quickly respond or take action before moving on to something else,” notes Rock Content, a marketing company. “Adding images to your social media posts is a must-do if you’re looking for better overall engagement and response.”

One of the best ways to create visual content is through Canva. What makes Canva one of the top mobile apps for marketing? 

For one, if you’re taking photos that you want to use in your marketing materials, such as pictures of your office or at events, then there’s a good chance you’re doing so on your phone. So, you then have an easy way to add these photos directly from your phone into the Canva app to then create visuals for social media, brochures, presentations, and even swag like stickers and t-shirts, among other creations.

But you don’t have to just use your own photos. Canva has many free and low-cost visuals you can use to create beautiful graphics yourself. You can also easily create videos through the platform. That way you can focus on being an insurance agent instead of learning the ins and outs of graphic design or adding a complex video editing tool.

#2: Buffer

Another one of the top mobile apps for marketing that can help you implement strong visual content is Buffer. This social media management tool isn’t simply about scheduling social media posts to go out at a later time, although that can be helpful. You can also think of Buffer as a way to easily create social media posts from your phone, including by adding images (such as those created in Canva) to the text you want to share. This can be particularly helpful if you’re on the go and think of something you want to say to your audience but don’t want to forget by the time you get back in front of a computer.

In addition to creating social media posts and managing your social media calendar through Buffer on your mobile device, you can also use this marketing app to access social media analytics. Being able to measure and review how your posts have performed can help you then come up with more relevant content that resonates with your audience of insurance prospects and customers.

#3: Facebook Ads Manager

Being able to create posts and manage your overall social media strategy through mobile apps for marketing like Buffer is great, but sometimes tools directly from social media networks are also needed to fully optimize your social media marketing. That’s where Facebook Ads Manager comes in. 

This mobile app for marketing helps you manage your paid social media posts across all Facebook (the parent company is now called Meta) apps, such as Instagram and Messenger. So, if you’ve created a great visual within Canva to use in a Facebook ad, for example, you can then directly create an ad campaign from the Facebook Ads Manager app on your mobile device. 

From there, you can easily measure how the social media ad campaign performs. That way, if you’re on a strict budget, for example, you can stop the campaign if it’s looking like it’s not going too well and the costs are adding up. Or, maybe you want to wait to start a campaign until you’re at a conference, for example, in which case you could easily activate it from this app while away from your office.

#4: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Similar to how Facebook Ads Manager can help you optimize your social media marketing strategy, another great mobile app for marketing that can help you improve your social media usage is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. A key difference, however, is that with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’re not creating posts.

If you sign up for a Sales Navigator account through LinkedIn (starting at roughly $80-100 month depending on how you’re billed), you can use this app to stay up to date on leads at any time. You can also use the app to then send messages to prospects to try to form relationships and eventually close insurance deals. And while the name may cause you to think of this as just a sales tool, it’s also one of the best mobile apps for marketing in terms of helping you directly get your name out there by connecting one-on-one with new prospects.

“In terms of pure individual lead generation, Sales Navigator users benefit from real-time lead recommendations and have access to the “Advanced Search” feature which creates the most comprehensive lead lists for your prospecting strategy,” notes Phantombuster, an automation software company.

#5: Asana

Lastly, insurance agents should consider using project management apps like Asana to boost their marketing. Here too, this might not seem like a mobile app for marketing, but a good marketing strategy requires planning out your tasks that are part of your lead generation and lead cultivation approaches. So, a tool like Asana can help you keep everything organized. And using the mobile app can help when you want to make changes whenever you think of them or check on your progress outside of the office.

For example, if you have a blog on your insurance website, you probably don’t want to just write whenever you feel like it and hope for the best. Instead, you likely want consistency, such as publishing once per week, along with choosing strategic topics, like those that are good for SEO or that correspond with something on the calendar that time of year. So, with an app like Asana, you can plan out the next few blogs that you want to tackle, and you can track what needs to be done to make sure you end up publishing this marketing content as you intended. 

See What Apps Work for You

While many of these mobile apps for marketing provide a lift to insurance agents, much depends on your specific needs and preferences. Maybe you like drafting blog posts on your mobile device, in which case an app like Google Docs may come in handy. Or maybe you prefer to just jot down topics you want to write about, in which case a project management tool like Asana might be a better fit to help you schedule when you’ll take on the actual writing component. 

Either way, it’s useful to know you have options when it comes to choosing mobile apps for marketing. When used well, they can help you boost your overall insurance business.