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, Author: Craig Fuher

12 Content Creation Tools Insurance Agents Should Know

With the way that marketing has shifted over the last several years, it seems like everyone, insurance agents included, has to be a content creator. To connect with prospects and customers, you often need to write blogs, create social media graphics, produce videos, and more. Doing so may seem intimidating if you haven’t learned these skills or don’t consider yourself a natural in these areas. But fortunately, a wide range of content creation tools has emerged to simplify the process.

Some automated content creation tools can take on the bulk of the work for you, such as creating graphics for social media or your website. You just have to adjust the text to fit your needs. From there, you might use an automated content creation tool that catches many grammar mistakes for you, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a professional proofreader.

Still, most content creation tools require you to put in your own ideas and implement your expertise to create content marketing that resonates with potential insurance customers. But by using these tools, you can much more easily create professional-looking content, even if you decide to do it all yourself.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top content creation tools to create visuals, written material, audio content, and more. 

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Visual Content Creation Tools

While you may choose to work with a graphic designer for more complex projects, a number of online content creation tools make it relatively easy, even for beginners, to create great social media graphics, infographics, presentations, and more. 

#1 Canva

This content creation tool makes it incredibly easy to create a wide range of graphics. You can easily create social media posts, presentations, videos, and much more. You can even create card designs to then print and mail to customers if you want to try an offline marketing method. 

#2 Adobe Spark

Adobe has a whole host of content creation tools, such as Photoshop, but those tend to be used by more advanced content creators. For beginners, try Adobe Spark to easily create social media graphics, standalone webpages, and video clips.

#3 Piktochart

Another great visual content creation tool is Piktochart, which can similarly be used to create items like social media graphics and presentations. But where Piktochart really shines is for creating infographics. For those unfamiliar, infographics tell a visual story, often through a series of charts and images that come together to create one long graphic.

#4 Prezi

Putting together a good-looking presentation, such as pitching business owners, can be easy with content creation tools like Prezi. This content creation software goes beyond PowerPoint to offer more interactive options. It also has features that make presenting over video calls exciting. 

Written Content Creation Tools

In addition to software that helps with graphic design, there are many types of online content creation tools that make writing easier. Fully automated content creation tools, such as creating blog posts from scratch, are limited and may not give you the full depth and quality your prospects and customers are looking for. But you can use content creation tools to automate parts of the writing process, such as to spark topic ideas and catch grammatical errors. 

#5 Contently

This content marketing platform can help you create great written content in several ways. For one, you can easily plan out your content calendar and use the platform’s SEO insights to help you determine what topics to write about. The tool also has social listening capabilities to assess what your audience may find interesting. And if you’re looking for support writing the content, Contently can connect you with relevant professionals. 

#6 Skyword

Similar to Contently, Skyword helps you build out your content marketing. In addition to the platform’s project management components, such as if you want to collaborate with a marketing professional in your organization or find a contributor, Skyword helps in areas like identifying which keywords to focus on and easily publishing to your website.

#7 Grammarly

While you may feel comfortable sharing ideas on insurance or general business topics you’re familiar with, you may not be sure whether you can pull everything together into a polished article. That’s where automated content creation tools like Grammarly come in. The platform can help you automatically spot errors as well as identify ways in which the copy could improve, such as by making it more concise. 

#8 Hemmingway

Similar to Grammarly, the Hemmingway content creation tool helps you improve your writing. It doesn’t focus on grammatical mistakes, but it can help you create stronger content by automatically identifying hard-to-read sentences or an overreliance on adverbs. 

Audio Content Creation Tools

The booming world of audio content, namely podcasts, doesn’t have to be out of reach for those who are not tech-savvy. Many tools make it easy to create and publish audio content, even if you don’t have much experience in this area.

#9 Anchor

This content creation tool, owned by Spotify, makes it easy to create podcasts, including by offering audio recording options and automating distribution to popular places where people listen to shows. You can even record a podcast from your phone.

#10 Spreaker

Very similar to Anchor, Spreaker also simplifies podcasting. You can record from your phone or computer, distribute episodes across listening platforms, analyze your podcast statistics, and more. 

Other Content Creation Tools

As you build out your content through these visual, written and audio tools, you may also want to expand your marketing through software that cuts across multiple categories or is original in other ways.

#11 StoryMapJS

While this technically falls within the visual content creation tools category, StoryMapJS is unique enough to warrant its own callout. This free platform enables you to create interactive maps that tell a story, such as if you want to create content that explores economic conditions across your state. It’s a fresh way to get your prospects to interact with your content.

Northwestern University’s Knight Lab, the creators of StoryMapJS, also has a whole host of other interactive content tools that you can use to get creative and excite your audience.


Even with automated content creation tools, you still might put a lot of time, effort, and perhaps money into your content. As such, you want to get the most out of it, and that can mean finding ways to get multiple uses out of a content piece. For example, if you create a video, you can use tools like to chop that video up into bite-size clips that are great for social media usage. That way, you don’t have to put as much effort into developing new social content.

Find the Right Content Creation Tool for Your Needs

Many content creation tools work online, so you can use them almost anywhere. A lot of tools also operate on a freemium model, meaning you don’t have to pay for some of the basic features of content creation software. Then, if you want more advanced features, you can purchase a subscription.

With these freemium options, trying out these content creation tools doesn’t have to be too complex or expensive. You can experiment with a few and see what’s right for your needs. And if you still haven’t found the right tool, you can try searching through places like Apple’s App Store under the relevant category for what you’re looking for (e.g., Photo & Video). You can also look at software review sites such as Capterra or G2.

For those looking for more robust tools specific to insurance, you can use InsurTech tools like Wheelhouse that help you create custom landing pages to draw in prospects.