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, Author: Craig Fuher

10 Must-Follow Facebook pages for Insurance Agents

Browsing Facebook might seem like something people just do for fun, but there are Facebook pages for Insurance Agents to follow that be used professionally for learning and networking. That’s right, scrolling through your Facebook feed to pass a few minutes of time could actually make you a better insurance agent! The key, however, is to have the right connections in place so that you can see insurance content and related information that helps you improve your insurance business.

Some ways to get this information and connections include adding other individuals in the insurance industry as Facebook friends, as well as joining relevant Facebook Groups. Another approach, which can be used in coordination with these other tactics, is to follow Facebook pages that can help you improve as an insurance agent. 

By following pages from organizations like insurance carriers, InsurTech firms, and insurance news publications, you can gain benefits such as being able to:

  • Stay more in the loop about industry news, such as regulation, customer trends, and information about what other insurance businesses are working on
  • Gain valuable advice that helps you grow as an insurance agent, such as sales and marketing tips 
  • Make connections either directly through conversations on pages or by seeing where others are engaging (e.g., seeing a page that promotes an insurance industry conference)

With these types of benefits in mind, following Facebook pages can be a relatively low-effort yet valuable way for insurance agents to learn and grow. So, we’ve put together the following list of 10 Facebook pages that insurance agents should follow:

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#1 Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.

A great place to start when looking for Facebook pages to follow is the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc. This organization, also known as the Big “I”, has over 15,000 followers for its Facebook page, where they post content that helps insurance agents and brokers, ranging from news on legislation that affects those in the insurance industry to replays of the organization’s insurance agent development show on Facebook Live. As the organization says on its Facebook page, “We understand what matters most to independent agents and we have the tools to help.”

#2 Insurance Soup

Another good Facebook page for insurance agents to follow is Insurance Soup. This page has all sorts of content on topics like sales, marketing, and other aspects related to the business of being an insurance agent or broker. In addition to the professional development aspects of this Facebook page, Insurance Soup also notes on its page how it can be a fun, online water cooler environment for insurance agents and brokers.

#3 Insurance Agency Marketing Services, Inc (IAMS)

The Facebook page for Insurance Agency Marketing Services, Inc (IAMS), an independent insurance brokerage agency, can be a good one to follow even if you don’t otherwise have any affiliation with this company. All types of insurance agents can still learn from this Facebook page, both in terms of seeing the helpful advice IAMS shares in areas like insurance sales, as well as seeing how IAMS operates its Facebook page in an engaging way, which you might be able to similarly apply to your own business.

#4 PropertyCasualty360

For those insurance agents who sell property and casualty insurance, following the Facebook page for PropertyCasualty360 can help you stay informed about the latest news that affects this industry. And even if property and casualty insurance isn’t your main focus, you still might be able to learn about some best practices that you can apply to your own insurance business.

#5 Insurance Journal

Another good publication for insurance agents to keep up with is Insurance Journal. By following Insurance Journal’s Facebook page, which over 25,000 others do, you can see when they share content on the property and casualty market. And as with PropertyCasualty360, even if property and casualty insurance isn’t your focus, you still might be able to learn and make connections that apply to your own area of insurance.

#6 Hippo Insurance

Regardless of what insurance lines you work with or what carriers you sell policies for, following a Facebook page for an InsurTech startup-like Hippo Insurance can be helpful. Seeing how a company like Hippo uses its Facebook page to share customer feedback, provide tips to its target audience and more can help inspire other insurance agents regarding how they might approach their own social media marketing.

#7 Insurance Agent Memes

Not everything about work has to be strictly about learning something new. Taking time to reset and have fun can make it easier to focus during other periods where you have to buckle down. So, following a funny Facebook page like Insurance Agent Memes could help. As the page explains: “The insurance industry can be stressful. This page is designed to let agents blow off some steam and maybe have a laugh or two.”

#8 Talage Insurance

If you’re not following us yet on Facebook, now’s the time to do so! By following our Facebook page you can keep up with new releases of our articles, along with other content like pictures from industry events. Our content spans all sorts of topics that help insurance agents improve their business, ranging from marketing to building client relationships

#9 Coterie Insurance

Another great Facebook page to follow is Coterie Insurance, one of our partners, which provides small business insurance. Even if you don’t work with this insurer or if you focus on another area of insurance, you can still gain insights into what’s happening in the InsurTech/insurance startup space by following Coterie’s page.

#10 Hubspot

Not every Facebook page you follow for work has to specifically be an organization within the insurance industry. Sometimes following other types of businesses, such as software companies like Hubspot, can also help. That’s because Hubspot shares marketing stats, quotes on work culture, graphics on customer experience, and other content that can help you improve how you operate and market your business. Learning what works in other industries or across sectors as a whole might help you realize strategies you can apply to your own insurance business.

Start Getting More Professionally From Facebook

By following these types of Facebook pages and others, insurance agents can learn more about what’s trending in the insurance industry, find tips to grow their businesses, learn about industry events (e.g., webinars and conferences), and more. 

Even if you just act as an observer, following these Facebook pages passively, you can still gain some valuable insights just by scrolling through your News Feed and seeing what these pages are sharing. Or, you could start engaging with insurance-related Facebook pages to make new connections with brands or add to conversations within comment sections with others you may want to network with. Plus, many Facebook pages also have corresponding Facebook Groups that you might want to join if you want to dive deeper into networking. 

Overall, following Facebook pages can play an important part in insurance agents’ professional development and social media strategies. Not all social media marketing has to be about sharing your own content. Instead, following other Facebook pages can help you add more of a listening component that still helps you grow.